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«Sociology and Statistics» (SocStat) is a specialty of EHESS Research Master in Social Sciences, Major Sociology. It is habilitated by EHESS and ENS. It aims at providing a research training in theoretical sociology and applied statistics comparable to that of best international institutions. It is devoted to excellence through the selection of the best students, with a special interest for two types of candidates: students who graduated in sociology and more generally in social sciences and who want to improve their knowledge of quantitative methods and students who graduated in quantitative methods and who want to learn sociology. The specialty «Sociology and Statistics» combines the acquisition of general knowledge and technical tools in general sociology, survey methodology, statistics applied to the analysis of questionnaire surveys and a step by step training based on statistical data. For this purpose, the training consists of two parts: the first year is devoted to the acquisition of fundamental and methodological knowledge (year M1), the second year is devoted specifically to the acquisition of specialized knowledge and to research work (year M2).

Students who continue the specialty «Sociology and Statistics» with a doctorate can be hosted during their Ph.D. in the Centre Maurice Halbwachs, (CMH EHESS-ENS-CNRS-UMR 8097).

Director: Florence Maillochon
Deputy Director: Marie Plessz


Master SocStat
48 Boulevard Jourdan
75014 PARIS

Secretary: Nadine Razgallah (R3-29).

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