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Prerequisites and application


Most courses are in French. Some courses or some conferences may be in English. Articles and books studied are both in French and in English. Master Thesis can be written either in French or in English. Exams are usually in French, but students who write better English than French can ask to write their exams in English.

Consequently, for studying in SocStat, it is required to have

1) a French level sufficient to read French scientific articles and to attend regularly French courses demanding active participation,

2) an English level sufficient to read English scientific articles, and to attend English conferences

3) either an English or a French level sufficient to write exams and a Master Thesis.

Students who are not fluent in French are offered French courses at EHESS dedicated to foreign students.


Technical skills

Mathematical, statistical and computer skills are highly welcomed.



Contacting in advance a tutor (M1) among scholars teaching at EHESS, ENS or ENSAE, although not compulsory, is highly recommended. For the M2, conctating a Master thesis supervisor and quoting his/her name in the research project is compulsory.




Students admitted to the master will be also asked to register at ENSAE in order to follow Ensae courses and exams.


Master 1 application

Send the following documents:

- The administrative registration file completed

- A curriculum vitae

- A motivation letter

- Eventual reference letters


Master 2 application.

Send the following documents:

- The administrative registration file completed

- A curriculum vitae

- A motivation letter

- A research project (of approximately 10 000 characters, with a research question, insights of the method, of available data, references)and the name of the supervisor (teaching either at EHESS or ENS).

- Eventual reference letters


Completed applications should be sent to the following address:

Master SocStat

48 boulevard Jourdan

75014 Paris


The admissions will be decided during the two following sessions:

First Session in June: applications must be received at the latest on 2018 June 22nd

Second Session in September: applications must be received at the latest 2018 September  18th.


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